It's dark outside, and you're driving down the street. Suddenly, a car coming from the other direction turns on its lights and blinds you with brightness. This is because your headlights are not shining as bright as they used to be! It's time for DIY headlight restoration; here's how to get started:

Materials needed include tape, sandpaper, toothbrush, water, a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol, clean rags, or paper towels. The procedure involves cleaning off the headlights with a wet rag and let dry completely before moving on to the next step. The second step is to tape up any trim you don't want paint on (unless you want a multi-colored car). The third step is to moisten the sandpaper and begin sanding off the oxidation, scratch marks, and surface damage from years of use. Sand until you get a smooth finish on your headlights. Finally, spray the headlights with alcohol and wipe them dry for a clean finish.

To keep your new "headlight restoration" from happening again, use water-repelling spray on your headlights. This protects them from oxidization and future damage. DIY headlight restoration is a great way to get years of life out of old, worn-out headlights!


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