There are a few common warning signs of a failing tire. If you spot these signs in time, you can prevent your tire from going flat or bursting while driving, which can be very dangerous. These warning signs often start with a low tire pressure warning on your vehicle’s display, but you may not even realize you’re driving on a bad tire until it’s too late.

You should check your tires’ tread every day before long commutes, particularly if you don’t feel like your car is driving as smooth or if you notice squealing from your tires when you turn your vehicle. Additionally, excessive vibration could mean that your tires are out of alignment or that you have a blistering tire. Bulges and blisters cause your car to vibrate and pull to the right or left depending on which tire it is.

These are dangerous warning signs that your tire is about to go. Before that happens, you can take your car to Burnworth-Zollars to get a tire replacement, alignment, and rotation. This can save you time and money as defective tires can cause a lot of other problems for your car.


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