When Ligonier drivers experience automotive problems, many don't know how to choose reputable and reliable mechanics to fix them. This is also true for many locals when it comes to finding professionals to handle their ongoing auto maintenance. At Burnworth-Zollars, we're proud to have our ASE certification. As a top-rated and trusted service center, we're committed to providing an expansive range of automotive services, competitive prices, and optimum results.

What ASE Certification Is

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence. This certification is awarded to highly trained mechanics with at least two years of experience in professional auto repairs. Applications must take and pass a specialty exam. ASE certifications can be awarded for individual automotive systems such as brakes, suspensions, or engines. However, Automotive Service Excellence Master Technicians are qualified to work on all automotive systems and all electrical and mechanical components.

Why It Matters

When paying for maintenance, replacements, or repairs, you want to be sure that your mechanic is capable of accurately identifying and resolving problems, and able to perform the needed work without causing additional damages. ASE-certified mechanics live up to a very high standard. This makes them unlikely to charge for repairs that drivers don't actually need, and more willing to back their work up with solid guarantees. If you need the services of an ASE-certified mechanic, come see us at Burnworth-Zollars today.



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