Service Your Fuel System Regularly For Best Performance


Did you know that servicing your fuel system will help maintain horsepower and fuel efficiency?


Here are some ways you can service your fuel system:

  • Fuel additive


There are fuel cleaners that you can pour into the tank when filling up to help clean and lubricate the fuel system. That is the simplest way to service the fuel system regularly.


  • Fuel injector cleaning kit


Fuel injector cleaning kits generally hook up to the fuel pressure valve and inject fuel cleaner into the injectors using compressed air.


  • Replace fuel filter


Fuel filters need service every 30-50 thousand miles for proper engine function. 


  • Replace fuel injectors


It is common for fuel injectors to require replacement on vehicles with over 100 thousand miles on the odometer.


Failure to service the fuel system can result in unexpected engine stops and other problems. 



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