When drivers think of the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado, they think of versatile power. A compact pickup truck, the Colorado rivals many competitors, as well as exceeds them. Take the available 3.6-liter V6 engine that pumps out 308 horsepower, for instance. Add on 275 pound-feet of torque, and you can take on any job. Many are often surprised at how well the Colorado drives too. Rough terrain stands no chance against this truck's smooth ride and good handling.

When it comes to towing, it's hard to match up against the Colorado. Tow up to 7,700 pounds and carry a maximum payload of up to 1,578 pounds. That's nothing to sneeze at, especially in the towing department.

And don't forget that the Colorado is competent when the pavement ends and the dirt path begins. There's something for everyone in the 2021 Chevy Colorado.

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