Be alert to any problems with the electrical system. A bad alternator could be among the reasons for flickering lights or stalling, among other troubles. The alternator serves a vital purpose, which is why you don't want to risk driving around Ligonier, IN with a failing one. Now, not every driver knows what every part in a vehicle does, so there may be some confusion about an alternator's purpose. Let's clear up some confusion.

An alternator charges the battery and also powers the electrical system. The alternator goes to work, charging the battery when the car starts. Thanks to the alternator, the battery doesn't die out unexpectedly.

Be mindful that the battery could suffer other problems even if the alternator works. Batteries won't last forever. Neither will alternators when they suffer unexpected damage. A slipped drive belt could cause such damage.

Burnworth-Zollars is home to a service department that performs repair and maintenance work. Ask about service for alternators, batteries, and other parts.

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